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COVID-19 has the market in flux, loans are falling out, and creditors continue to have a high call volume and long wait times.

To remain agile and ensure that you’re getting the support you need ASAP, we've ramped up our digital solutions and unbeatable service with Click 2 Chat to help our clients weather the coronavirus storm this year.

With Click 2 Chat, you can instantly connect with an Informative Research support member without waiting on the phone. All you have to do is login to Action Center from the credit report, click on the icon in the lower right corner of the screen, and then ask your question!

For a full walk through of Click 2 Chat, Click here. And feel free to reach out to your IR rep for more information.

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Speed Up Your Process with Action Center

How Forbearance is Impacting Loans

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Credit Score Improvement

Instantly remove a duplicate flag, check rescore and supplement statuses, change a credit report type, and fix typos.

Click below to learn where to look for forbearance on the credit report, to help with the reporting standards required for the GSEs, and more important infomation.

See our product turn times, check system statuses, get user guides, and watch all of our training videos in one place.

With new score requirements for loan programs, figure out which actions your borrower should take to increase their score in today’s market.

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